French Fabulous Foods for Winter

Wintertime in the Charente can be gloomy because of the cold but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be the some of the best months for anyone who loves to eat.

This time of year is a hearty season because the French tables are filled with all kinds of comforting and filling dishes.

When: December to March

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Foie-Gras
Foie Gras

An iconic delicacy in French cuisine, foie gras is as much a cultural heritage as a culinary pride. It’s not liked your ordinary duck or goose liver. This one is especially fattened for a rich and buttery flavor that tastes perfect in various preparations

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Truffle

Where do you find the best truffles? Of course, in France! One renowned gourmand dubbed them as the “diamonds of the kitchen” while the winter black truffles, in particular, are called the Diamond of Périgord. Fancy titles, huh? All the more reason you should taste them.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Fondue-Savoyarde

We all know how the French love their cheeses. One that is most famous in the world for its impressive melting characteristic is the Fondue Savoyarde, made with Comté Emmental and Beaufort cheeses cooked with white wine and garlic. If you drop your bread in the pot you might have a forfeit.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Choucroute-Garnie-French-Sauerkraut
Choucroute Garnie

The Alsatians love to devour a hearty, comforting and filling dish during the wintertime. And dressed sauerkraut has remained a favorite featuring a mix of sausages, other meats and charcuterie/delicatessen.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Garbure

What better way to keep warm during the cold winter months by indulging in a steaming bowl of classic French stew. The meat and vegetables are simmered for hours resulting in a truly comforting dish.

Daube-de-BoeufPuy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Daube-de-Boeuf
Daube de Boeuf

When it’s winter in France, one stew is never enough. Another variety that’s well loved by many is the daube, an inexpensive option where beef is braised in wine, vegetables and herbs de France. Cooking is often done a day before to allow the flavors to fully bloom.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Confit-de-Canard
Confit de canard

If duck breasts are delicious, can you imagine what will duck legs taste like? Prepared using a proven and tested process, the Gascony specialty is a wonder of flavors in every bite.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Poulet-Basquaise
Poulet Basquaise

Simple yet sophisticated, this traditional dish is the epitome of French Basque cooking. Chicken is made more savory when mixed with well-cooked onions, garlic and peppers.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Pain-au-Chocolat
Pain au Chocolat

Even though winter can be unpleasant at times, you can always find comfort in fresh from the oven pain au chocolat. The sweet rolls from south of France is one treat you cannot simply pass up. Golden in color, crisp outside and melted chocolate… get the picture?

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Gratin-Dauphinois
Gratin Dauphinois

When it comes to traditional French dishes, you can’t really go wrong. Gratin dauphinois, for one, has been around way longer than we’ve been. It’s made of potatoes and creme fraiche, a specialty from the historic region of Dauphine.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Navarin-Dagneau
Navarin d’Agneau

Another hit dish during wintertime in France is this delicious and hearty lamb stew. Often cooked a day ahead, the lamb or mutton is combined with potatoes and other vegetables for one filling and heart-warming dish.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Roquefort-Winter-Salad
Roquefort Winter Salad

There is no standard salad for wintertime in France. You can try a veggie or fruit mix. What will make the salad perfect for the season is the star of the dish – no other than Roquefort blue cheese.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Canard-à-l’Orange
Canard à l’Orange

Roasted chicken in winter is a good choice for a main dish. But what’s even better is roasted duck in orange sauce. You can’t say have eaten duck until you’ve tried this French classic.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Coquille-Saint-Jacques-Morilles
Coquilles Saint-Jacques

There’s no wonder why Coquilles Saint-Jacques is such a French cuisine classic. Imagine combining scallops, mushrooms and wine in one dish. The result is heaven on earth.

Puy-Leonard French Fabulous Foods Winter Oysters

Oysters are as traditional to the French at Noël as turkey is to North Americans. France was the first country in all of Europe to start cultivating oysters on a large scale and they take it very seriously.