6: What to do in the garden in June

Welcome to summer, the month where all of the hard work in the garden really starts to pay off and we can start to enjoy all of the work put in over the previous months. 

Now that summer has arrived, we can expect warm temperatures and long sunny days, some temperatures could reach over 20°C so be sure to shade and water young plants regularly during hot days. June is usually one of the driest months so be sure to keep on top of watering the garden. 

Your garden will now be a crescendo of colour so make sure to keep on top of making sure the garden is looking nice and tidy. This includes deadheading, keeping on top of this job is vital if you want to have continuous blooms throughout the summer and well into the autumn season. 

A great way of ensuring you keep on top of weed growth is to apply and or renew mulch again now, not only does mulch assist with water retention but also weed suppression, always water the ground thoroughly before applying mulch in the summer so plants don’t become dehydrated. 

Don’t forget to take time to sit and enjoy your garden during the summer, it shouldn’t be all about work but taking the time to enjoy your hard work too. On that note, did someone say BBQ?

Ornamental Garden:

  • Lightly trim box balls.
  • Deadheading, Salvia’s as the flower heads go over, Penstemons and Roses.
  • Consider spraying any plants infected with aphids or black fly.
  • Keep on top of weeding.
  • Prune early flowering Clematis.
  • Cut back foliage of Tulips.
  • Trim other shrubs to shape as necessary.
  • Plant warm-season grasses such as Pennisetum and Panicum.
  • Treat bindweed, ground elder and other invasive weeds growing among other plants by applying a glyphosate-based weed killer to their leaves.
  • Prune ornamental Cherries after their flowers have faded.
  • There is still time to sow quick germinating annuals such as Cosmos.
  • Sow winter bedding such as Violas.
  • Cut back oriental Poppies and Pulmonaria after they have flowered. Remove all leaf as well to allow for fresh leaves to sprout.
  • Fill in any gaps in beds or borders with some hardy annuals.
  • Keep on top of deadheading.
  • Remove reverted shoots from variegated shrubs.

Vegetable Garden:

  • Direct sow carrots for autumn and winter harvest.
  • Sow Florence Fennel and Chicory.  
  • Plant out Leeks once they are pencil thick.
  • Mulch Strawberries with matting or straw.
  • Water Potatoes for good-sized tubers.
  • Feed Tomatoes regularly.

Other Jobs to do in the garden in June:

  • Keep on top of established lawn by mowing, feeding and weeding regularly.
  • Plant hanging baskets.
  • Ventilate greenhouses.
  • Keep on top of weeding by regularly hoeing ground.
  • Make sure to keep water plants thoroughly during warm weather.