Regional Specialities of France

The French will usually cook and prepare dishes local to their region. 

This no way means they are parochial. The French have a real sense of terroir which is why rural French cooking is alive and kicking in France. Many local markets provide their own eating specialties. 

Typical French foods rely heavily on local products. Fresh apples, berries, haricot verts, leeks, mushrooms, various squash, and stone fruits are among the most commonly used products. Poultry, beef, lamb, and veal are readily available year-round; game meat is especially popular and abundant during the hunting season that runs from early autumn to February. No matter the location, France has an abundance of artisanal cheese and wine.

Puy-Leonard Specialities Carte

Southern France features the rich, sophisticated flavours of mushrooms and duck as well as the dramatic herbs, tomatoes, and olives borrowed from neighboring Mediterranean cuisines. 

Northern France also showcases a remarkable assortment of tastes, focusing heavily on farmhouse-style specialties using apples, dairy, pork, potatoes, sausage, and beer.

French cuisine is a unique, cultural experience that melds flavourful, nutritious foods with beauty, leisure, and therapeutic preparation. Explore French cuisine and consider it an art, a tradition, and a way of life.