Gardening and Planting Tips for the Charente

For those of you in the Charente who want to absolutely maximize your vegetable productivity, it’s important to follow a rigorous planting calendar and chore list.

For that, it’s important to realize that not all regions have the same climate and weather conditions. Indeed, the climate isn’t the same in all parts of France, and this has a direct impact on the productivity of your vegetables.

The Oceanic Climate of the Charente

The western coast of the Channel, as well as the entire Brittany coastline are in this climate zone. The whole French Atlantic coast is in this category, too.

Puy-Leonard Calendrier-Plantation-Region

Planting tips for the Charente

Winters in the Charente are temperate to mild and summers are cool to warm. This particularly advantageous climate makes it possible to have an extended growing season that starts very early in the year.

For example, you can start sowing carrot, lettuce (in a sheltered place), onion, leek and radish even in the last week of February (between February 20th and March 1st). Close after that come potato end of March, your beans end of April and your tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers beginning of May!

For potatoes it’s said that planting them when the lilac is in full bloom, will give the best results. Check out our 12 months Puy-Leonard Planting Calendar right here. 

Puy-Leonard Vegetable Garden

Gardening Tips for the Charente 

Everybody can get in on the backyard fun with our seasonal guide for garden chores. From winter preparing, spring planting, summer watering and autumn tending, there’s a garden job for everyone throughout the year.