Les Carrières de Touvérac

The Fox Trail

A former clay mining site, the Quarries of Touvérac, located south of the charente department on the commune of the same name, have a unique landscape and ecological interest on nearly forty hectares.Composed of four ponds in amazing colors, crossed small streams or dotted with moors and gorse, the site is discovered by small paths alternating shadow and light.

A bit of history

It is a particular form of white clay, kaolin, which was exploited on Touvérac in deep lentils: its extraction gave rise to the four ponds of the Fox Terrier and the Coal. With a high mineral purity and intense whiteness, kaolin is used as a mixture in a wide range of products, including ceramics.

The flora

Mixing silica limestone soils, alternating arid areas of sterils and peaty wetlands, Touvérac offers a range of environments and species to discover at the end of summer, heathers and gorse dominate the vegetation with their colours, while in the spring willows and reeds animate the banks of ponds and runoffs.


It is necessary to come in June, at nightfall, to listen to parade the Engoulevent of Europe: this migratory bird nests on the ground within the sparse moors and is protected at European level.

In the spring, you’ll enjoy the flight of dragonflies and butterflies, and you may have the chance to cross the Fadet des Laches and the Damier de la Succise among the molinie touradons or along the ditches.


The site is intended to be a support for discovery and awareness of the environment. An interpretive trail allows you to discover the richness and history of this local heritage.