Ruffec is a traditional market town on the Lien River, The main square is home to various cafes, restaurants, the covered marketplace and the town hall. There are also lots of  shops here as well as a large supermarket.

The town has preserved a remarkable Romanesque church, the Saint-André church, with a carved facade illustrating the Ascension theme that dates from the 12th century.

After the visit of the building, walkers can wander up and down the narrow streets of the old town and discover the charming banks of the Lien river, the lavoir (communal laundry washing place), the mill and the remains of the ancient castle.

Ruffec is the main station for the TGV trains if you want to travel further afield either on a day trip to Paris or across to Bordeaux.

Ruffec is 23 minutes (22 km) from Puy-Leonard.